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About our Ohmylk Machine

Can I use any individual or mixed nuts in the Ohmylk Machine?

Will I need to soak the nuts/seeds overnight?

What settings does the Ohmylk Machine have?

Do I have to use the “hot” function for soy milk?

Will I need to strain the milk before drinking it?

Is Ohmylk dishwasher safe? How do I clean it?

What size is the Ohmylk Machine?

About Nut Milks & Uses

Can I use the Ohmylk Machine for other uses beyond simple nut and plant-based milks?

Is it really just nuts and water to make nut milk?

Is warm nut milk okay to drink?

Can I refrigerate my nut milk to save it for later?

Does it matter what kind of oats I use in the Ohmylk?

Ohmylk Packs & Uses

What are Ohmylk Packs?

How do I use Ohmylk Packs?